UNI-PAD Nip Test with stimulated load

Code to even pressure for padder

A roller, of conventional structure, will bend to make a bow under load, as the load is transferred from two ends to centre. The bow share be even more evident while the load is bigger or the roller is longer. It brings in un-even pressure profile along the length that may result in un-even squeezing, colouring difference and will always shorten the roller’s working life or even damage the covering. A crown is always the solution and we apply the right amount of crown to compensate the bow accordingly. The crown itself may be different in shape, for instance, parabolic, concave, convex, tapered ends… but just under a very simple principle: do it according to the bow. Our talent engineer has developed UNI-PAD for checking exactly the bow under simulated pressure and before our CNC grinder doing the crown in very accurate way.