DOS-PAD wet Pick-up Lab Tester

Code to Pick-up Research

DOS-PAD simulates load pressure per specific length to do pick-up test for certain fabric, with defined roller diameter and covering. Known existing pick-up testers generally not rigorous enough, as its test roller are of fixed diameter and covering, for the other hand, tested fabric width and thickness affects the result greatly due to small roller width. Moreover, roller replacement is not easy with these systems.

As improvements, DOS-PAD takes flexible roller packing system and even more, HUELLER engineer makes special test rollers with few neutral margins, that greatly increases validity of the test.

Service Scale:

⊙ Roller diameter range Ø210-420mm;

⊙ Pressure scale 9-110kg/cm;

⊙ Speed range ≤100m/min. 

Consequence of the Test and Service 

⊙ Reception on fabric samples;

⊙ Test conditions, basically roller diameter, pressure per specific length and speed;

⊙ Test roller preparing, based on defined diameter and proposed coverings;

⊙ Test under defined speed and pressure.

The result:

⊙ Optimized covering solution for certain fabric;

⊙ Pick-up data with certain fabric under defined situation;

⊙ Optimized solution to padders.