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The special set seal and opening, rubber sleeve made of HT704B, for against critical environment, and it makes the AIRING. That helps get rid of many troubles…

AIRING Bow Roller for wet-treatment

in closed atmosphere & chemicals

AIRING, bow roller of HUELLER patent, was specially developed for high temperature and aggressive atmosphere, especially for textile wet-treatment in closed atmosphere. The roller adopts several advanced patented technologies to sure liability in critical environment, characteristics of AIRING can be listed as follow:

⊙ Sleeve made of HT704B, which is of extreme resistance to heat and chemicals,  

      such as acid, Caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide;

⊙ Endcaps and bearings made of SS;

⊙ Shaft made of combined material;

⊙ Special seals of excellent resistance to heat and chemicals, even more, it sustains 

      much longer time in critical dry abrasion occasion and it works with low friction;

⊙ Greasing channel available to grease the seals;

⊙ Special exhaust to eliminate pressure inside the roller due to temperature;

⊙ Special cap that stops greasy dirty going out or corrosion by chemicals sucked in;

⊙ HUELLER supply with auxiliaries, includes brackets, seals to chamber wall, etc. 


Standard AIRING assumed to fix at exterior walls with HUELLER supplied bearing houses. Exterior width of the chamber W1 and mounting holes on walls as per HUELLER standard needed. Surface length W1-121 and sleeve length W1-181 accordingly, please contact HUELLER specialist for more details.

AIRING can be applied in temper environment for sure, but for economy sake, HUELLER recommend BOKKA for the mentioned environment. Please contact HUELLER for more details.