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B-TUBE the Mercerizing Tube

of Maintenance free

Mercerizing tube, especially those work in closed atmosphere, will always suffer from corrosion, covering failure, bonding failure, swelling, bulking up, deformation and etc., not only due to high concentrated caustic soda and temperature, but also the abrasion by flanges of carrier rollers. This will bring high risk on oblique and bias weft, sometimes, even a disaster for processing with yarn-dyed fabric, as it can seriously impact process quality and increase after-cost. HUELLER patented B-TUBE was approved to be competitive in the case. The sophisticated roller design is oriented to get rid of the above mentioned problems and the covering, made of HT704B, is of incredible resistance to chemicals and temperature. The product greatly reduce risk on oblique and bias weft and can offer years of maintenance free performance, thus to reduce both process risk and cost. B-TUBE is 30-60% lighter in weight compare with a conventional one and some times more suitable for the process.

How it works

⊙ stop the covering taking off from the tube at both ends;

⊙ stop the covering suffering from corrosion;

⊙ light weight design with enough structural strength;

⊙improved abrasion resistance at both ends.


⊙ years of maintenance free performance;

⊙ reduced cost 

⊙ light weight for special process;

⊙ reduced risk on oblique and bias weft .