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HT706ES Hi-Squeezing Roller

for ultimate energy & cost Savin & Heavy duty Embossing

CONDITIONS to choose HT706ES

⊙Want higher squeezing than HT706HS;

⊙The padder and roller able to load 80-125kg/cm;

⊙Roller Dia. ≥Ø350mm;

⊙Fabric non easy spoil by big pressure;

⊙Fabric non uncompressible note and meshy; 

⊙Others as per HUELLER suggestion;

Note: fabric of certain chem-fiber, like Polyester, PA, etc.


If your padder can offer a load 80-125kg/cm and fabric non uncompressible, congratulations! Take HT706ES for the ultimate low water pick-up, even less than 25% for certain samples. Due to excellent mechanical property, HT706ES is also preferred solution  for heavy duty embossing, please contact HUELLER specialist for more details

Note 1: HT705 at hardness 85ShA, load 50kg/cm, Dia.350mm, speed 40m/min at room temperature;

Note 2: HT706HS with selective top layer, load 58kg/cm, Dia.300mm, speed 40m/min at room temperature;

Note 3: HT706ES load at 90kg/cm, Dia.380mm, speed 80m/min at room temperature.

Pick-up(%)=(Wet weight after nipping (W1)-Dry weight (W2))/Dry weight (W2)*100%


⊙Ultimate Hi-squeezing with extreme load;

⊙Longer life under extreme pressure;

⊙Can work for heavy duty embossing and calendering.

High squeezing is systematic engineering. It related to fabrics, pressure, covering and mandrel design,  Please contact HUELLER specialist for more details.