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HT706HS Hi-Squeezing Roller

for optimized energy & cost Saving

CONDITIONS to choose HT706HS

⊙Want higher squeezing than HT705;

⊙The padder and roller not able to load above 55kg/cm;

⊙Roller dia. ≤Ø350mm and pressure ≤30kg/cm2; 

⊙Selective solution for fabric uncompressible note and meshy; 

⊙Others as per HUELLER suggestion;

Note: fabric of certain chem-fiber, like Polyester, PA, etc.


HT706HS takes sophisticate Multi-Layered covering to maximize unit pressure, Top layer per fabric, for optimized squeezing under limited load.

⊙Uni-Lock the base layer, excellent bonding under big pressure;

⊙Sandwich Layer, constant high hardness to reduce nip width, thus to increase unit pressure, without increase load. Just to enhance extraction inside fabric;

⊙HT706HS the top Layer: Selective per fabric, to enhance water extraction on surface;

⊙Combined work on faster pressure-compression response by Sandwich & Top Layer, to increase effective nipping time and reduce moisture regain at the exit;

⊙Top Layer with special set surface to take away more moisture at the nip exit.

⊙Hi-squeezing with limited load;

⊙No spoiling fabric structure;

⊙Can work for almost all types of fabrics;

⊙Can work in most existing padders.

High squeezing is systematic engineering. It related to fabrics, pressure, covering and mandrel design,  Please contact HUELLER specialist for more details.