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HT705 Padder Roller for Stenter (General Purpose)

Widely  OEM Qualified

HT705 is a series compounds developed for padders of general purpose. The material was granted with excellent mechanical and loading property, even with years of maintenance free working and been qualified as OEM roller for most stenter maker. The undated HT705 improves on anti-aging property for sustaining life over 10 years. HT705N specially develops with optimized liquid contact on the surface and benefits greatly on even pick-up, you can find this extreme important in fabric coating  process.

HT705 family:

HT705B, black colored, for general application;

HT705FL, black colored, works for meshy and uncompressible Note fabrics;

HT705N, red colored, set with release surface, works for easy cleaning and NO fuzz building up, or for coating and dyeing process;

Note: Regards to those made of chemical fiber, like Polyester, PA, etc.

Padder roller always work with a crown or anti-deflection mandrel to ensure even pressure. HUELLER has rich experience on the issue and can make you a nip test in factory with UNI-PAD. If you are not sure on which covering to select in the series, it is suggested to sent fabric sample to HUELLER for advising.


HT705 orients for impregnation squeezing, some times it works for certain limited level of high squeezing. However, in case of extreme high squeezing in desire, please turn to HUELLER specialized solutions: HT706HS and HT706ES.