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HT704 Wet-treatment Roller

For critical chemicals & widely OEM qualified

Fabric wet-treatment, especially de-sizing, de-oiling, bleaching and mercerizing in closed atmosphere, brings real challenges to rubber covered rollers. High temperature, high concentrate of caustic soda and various chemicals are always cross appear in the processes. HT704, HUELLER special developed coverings for such environment, approved with incredible heat and chemical resistance and qualified by big list of OEMs. Among the coverings, HT704B the black version, was found with years of super working in Caustic Soda, even saturated. And HT704W the light color version, is more recommended for synthetic fabrics de-oiling and chemical treatment to some sensitive fabrics, as HT704W is non-contaminate clean material. 

HT704B the black version, high performance & general solution; 

HT704W the light color version, for contamination sensitive fabric and de-oiling toward synthetic fabrics;