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Nano fillers brings evolution to HT703. In most occasions, the covering defines stable dyeing and economy…

HT703 Denim Dyeing Roller

Due to the application of Nano material and oriented block crosslinking, HT703 realize incredible hardness stability within 2°A along with temperature changing from 20 to 100℃ and even after years of performance. Together with the outstanding resistance towards rope compression. It helps our customers get rid of a big list of troubles in denim dyeing and machine maintenance. That is why HT703 is so much trusted by operators and OEMs…The latest updated HT703 was optimized with controlled wet-end, say as No wet ends, to restrict liquid expelling at ends of the squeezing roller, as well as fine liquid dispersing on the surface, together with improved loading capacity up to 75kg/cm, that ensures better dyeing result. HUELLER  specialist has figured out the proper crowning method to such rollers taking reference to both oxidation difference along the width and UNI-PAD test, to enhance an even dyeing result.