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HT702P Polyester Filament Sizing Roller

HUELLER supplies HT702P, and know-hows to polyester sizing, OEMs and end users. The solution initiates from special modification on HT701-01, which was applied for staple sizing, with improved performance for PVA and PAA size. Meanwhile, newly developed PET size brings challenges, as low polymerized PET obtains high affinity to rubber due to molecule structure and roller surface always found sticky, that causes disaster to the process, especially at high speed. 

HT702P is innovated solution to stop the problem. Hardness of the covering should be carefully decided to satisfy different level of non-sticky surface, under instruction of HUELLER specialist. Good dynamic balance was done to every single roller in site to make sure it works perfectly in high speed. 

Characteristics of HT702P coverings:

⊙ Qualified for PVA, PAA, PET sizing;

⊙ Excellent resistance to chemicals in size liquid; 

⊙ Reinforced resistance to residual filament injection oil; 

⊙ Surface of excellent releasing;

⊙ Excellent dynamic property;

⊙ Excellent hardness stability for stable size pickup;

⊙ Excellent  dimension stability for stable size pickup;

⊙ Good abrasion and long life time.